Announcing the Esteban Bahena Memorial Scholarship Fund

May 31, 2018


New Emergency Medical Services (EMS) Scholarship Created in East County

SAN DIEGO, CA. — The Foundation for Allied Health & EMS Education (FAHEE) is establishing a scholarship fund to honor the memory of San Diego paramedic Esteban Bahena and the work he loved.

On April 1, 2010 Esteban Bahena died in the line of duty while responding to a traffic accident on SR 163.  While laying a flare pattern to warn oncoming traffic, Bahena was hit by a vehicle traveling at freeway speeds. He was transported to Mercy Hospital in his own ambulance, BLS22, where he was pronounced dead.  On June 25, 2011 in Colorado Springs, CO., Esteban was memorialized by the National EMS Memorial Service for paramedics and EMTs who are killed in the line of duty.

Mr. Bahena, a graduate of Mount Miguel High School, was also honored by the erection of a freeway sign on SR 163.  The sign is in nearly the exact location where EMT Bahena was struck and killed.  This was the first time a private citizen has been memorialized by having a portion of a freeway dedicated in his name.

FAHEE, whose board is comprised of retired fire and emergency professionals, is a 501(c)3 charitable organization established to raise funds to secure the means and measures to make scholarships available to students who are recognized as lower income, economically or societally disadvantaged.  Additionally, funds are raised to improve the delivery of education and upgrade equipment used by students in the classroom setting. The Esteban Bahena Memorial Scholarship Fund will continue to provide scholarship opportunities for those seeking a career in the EMS field.

FAHEE Board President, Rick Rod stated “this initiative is important to FAHEE as the need for qualified EMS workers continues to be a high priority in San Diego and outlying regions”.

Donations to the Esteban Bahena Memorial Scholarship Fund can be made online at or through PayPal or mail directly to FAHEE, PO Box 21894, El Cajon CA 92021.  Scholarship applications can be found online at

For more information please contact: Rick Rod or Jean Moore 619.933.7391 |